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Retirement Planning

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The decisions that you make now about your accumulated retirement 'pot' will affect the rest of your life, and even more so in the uncertain economic climate that we currently live in today.

What decisions can I make now to help prepare for the future?

Retirement is one of life's major milestones and one that you've probably been working towards for a number of years.

This is why at PIA Wealth Management we believe you owe it to yourself to explore the various options available to you and to discuss your individual needs with one of our Retirement specialists.

These days retirement does NOT mean that you have to stop working as there are opportunities that may allow you to start to take some of your retirement benefits in a way that suits you best and you may then wish to continue working either on a full or even part time basis. The choices now available to you are much less restrictive than they were in the past.

It really is a starting point for discussions that will affect the rest of your life and our specialist team will be able to offer you expert advice and recommend a solution that best suits your individual circumstances.

We have built up an enviable reputation over many years for our expertise in this area so to find out more please contact us and we will arrange a mutually convenient time for one of our specialists to set up a meeting with you.

Proposed State Pension Ages

*These dates are confirmed by legislation and not subject to change.

Affecting People Born After When Rise Starts State Pension Age
1953* 2019 66
1960* 2026 67
1967 2033 68
1974 2040 69
1981 2047 70
1988 2054 71
1995 2060 72
2002 2067 73

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