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Protection & Life Assurance

Time & Money

All of us will require protection of some sort in our lives to protect the things we value the most:

It seems the older we get the more responsibility we take on but we can tend to become more irresponsible in our own affairs.

Imagine if you were unable to work - how will you pay the mortgage, the bills, your weekly shop, your child's university fees; will you lose the house?

Worse still - what if you were to die?

Could your family afford to keep the house and maintain the same standard of living?

Who will continue to pay for your children to finish their education and who will bring up your children?

The Government does not provide as much cover as you might think and an Independent financial Adviser like PIA Wealth Management can help you create a protection strategy to suit your circumstances at a price you can afford.

The following is an overview of the areas that we can provide guidance, information and advice on:

Not all cover is the same, either. Please contact us for further assistance.

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To briefly summarise who we are and what we can do to help you to achieve all your financial goals and aspirations please download our pdf brochure.

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