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The foundations of our investment philosophy are:

We recommend that your portfolio is reviewed and re-balanced regularly - at least on an annual basis.

Our aim is to provide 'peace of mind' by removing the confusion which often surrounds the abundance of fund choices available to the modern investor. Thousands of funds are available for investment in ISAs, unit trusts and investment bonds and as the tax treatment varies between each investment media, it is vitally important that we offer guidance to ensure our clients invest in the most appropriate tax-efficient 'wrapper'.

We aim for consistency via a method which dictates that all investment research and asset allocation modelling is carried out by a dedicated report writing unit, thus ensuring that all recommendations are prepared to the highest standard for delivery by your adviser.

We are always mindful of changing client needs where reviewing your investment objectives and priorities is of paramount importance.

How do we achieve the above?

We combine the talents of experienced advisers with the latest state of the art risk assessment technology to deliver tailor-made solutions to our clients. Our investment department utilises risk questionnaires devised after many years of research to ensure we fully understand your risk tolerance.

We then maximise diversification across asset classes, geographical sectors and fund management styles. This avoids the pitfalls of 'putting all of one's eggs in one basket'. We do not follow 'flavour of the month' fads. Selecting the appropriate fund(s) is not as simple as merely studying recent past performance and backing the so-called top funds or top managers. Research shows that few managers remain with their funds for more than two to three years and with over 30,000 funds to choose from, it is vital that specialist analysis is undertaken. PIA utilise independent fund research services from Architas and OBSR.

We all have different objectives for our money, but we think there is one objective that many people share - the desire to make investing as simple as possible. With this in mind, PIA Wealth Management operate what are called Wrap platforms in order to manage your investment portfolio through the choice of appropriate product wrappers, investments and planning tools. It enables us to plan your investment strategies and monitor them more easily. As well as buying and selling investments online, the platform is used to provide statements, reports and analysis to help you and PIA make decisions about your portfolio.

Platforms were designed to help improve people's experience of financial services. By embracing modern technology to reduce the administration burden and provide important information faster, we are able to work together in a more efficient way that adds value for everyone.

At the moment you may be receiving different statements for different investments and perhaps won't have a simple view of your portfolio. With this approach, getting a clear picture of your investments, or changing and updating your investments, can be a cumbersome process and platforms resolve this problem as they are able to hold a range of products and investments under one umbrella.

We can view and administer your portfolio online at any time which enables us to act more quickly on your behalf because there is also no need to sign lots of documents and then wait for them to be posted to different product providers before your investment can be placed. It is also possible to move any investments you already have with other providers into your platform portfolio.

Central to our approach is a wider range of investment options. We believe investment choice is vital to enable us to build a portfolio around your individual requirements.

Depending on the size of your investment we may recommend carefully researched managed fund solutions. However, your objectives may best be served via a different and more suitable solution and we would discuss this with you to ensure that your objectives are met to suit your specific individual circumstances.

Over time as the funds within each asset class (equities, fixed interest, etc.) perform differently to each other, the balance between the funds and therefore the asset class proportions may change. This means that your portfolio starts to become more or less risky than you chose at the outset.

We recommend that your portfolio is reviewed and re-balanced regularly - at least on an annual basis. This only applies to bespoke portfolios as managed funds are internally re-balanced to ensure they perform within their mandate.

Please note that we do not change the fund selection as a 'knee-jerk' reaction to short-term market changes. This would defeat the purpose of having a well-considered and structured asset allocation strategy.

We aim to manage your wealth efficiently and professionally - in line with our Treating Customers Fairly objectives.

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