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Monthly Market Outlook by LGT Vestra

April 2018/May 2018

by LGT Vestra

The last month saw global equity markets continue to recover from the sell-off seen earlier in the year. It also saw a potential peace treaty on the Korean peninsula, a continuation of the oil price rally and the 10-year US Treasury hit 3% for the first...Read More

March 2018/April 2018

by LGT Vestra

While markets have recovered a touch from their lows, a variety of trade and geopolitical factors are likely to keep volatility raised for the weeks and months to come. Meanwhile, the economic backdrop remains broadly positive and as a result, we remain...Read More

February 2018/March 2018

by LGT Vestra

After the global selloff at the end of January, equity markets have recovered fairly well. This has been most noticeable in the US where the big tech stocks have led the bounce back, with the Nasdaq Composite index making an all time high in the past week....Read More

January 2018/February 2018

by LGT Vestra

It has been a turbulent few weeks in global markets, which saw a strong start to the year and then a sharp fall from the January highs. While rising interest rate expectations in the US may have triggered the falls, technical factors kicked in which made...Read More

December 2017/January 2018

by LGT Vestra

Over the past year, global equity markets have marched upwards, buoyed by a cyclical growth upswing the world over. This bull market has been seemingly unfazed by Brexit, a politically inexperienced White House and escalating tensions on the Korean...Read More

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