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Monthly Market Outlook by LGT Vestra

January/February 2019

by LGT Vestra

While Brexit dominates domestic headlines and political discussions, Federal Reserve (Fed) policy, US-China trade negotiations and fears of slowing economic growth have had a greater impact over the last two months....Read More

November 2018/December 2018

by LGT Vestra

The last month has seen continued volatility in equity markets. Concerns have been focused on Brexit, US/China trade policy, US interest rates and the state of the global economy going into next year. The S&P 500 has traded a 6% range over the last two...Read More

October 2018/November 2018

by LGT Vestra

Equity markets fell sharply in October recovering slightly towards the end of the month only for the lows to be tested again in November. Living in the UK, you would be forgiven for thinking that the latest sell off was Brexit related. However the moves in...Read More

September 2018/October 2018

by LGT Vestra

Equity markets marched higher into the end of September, only to reverse quite sharply in October as rising interest rates and trade concerns weighed on markets....Read More

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Monthly Market Outlook - August/September 2019

At the start of August we saw equity markets fall as protests in Hong Kong increased tensions between China and the West. These issues have since...Read More

PIA and Local Charity Golf Event

PIA Wealth Management continued their success in local charitable golfing events by winning the second Grand Theatre Golf event at Enville Golf...Read More